Is technology in classroom really good for students: The advantages and disadvantages of technology for student

In 21st century, where people are living in a world of artificial statement, asking for a question like is technology in classroom good for students may seem an understatement. All our lives, we think of ideas that can make our life very much easy and for the purpose we at times incline ourselves to use technology in the first place. The purpose of this debate is not to say that using technology is a good thing but to highlight the fact, that we ourselves are using technology because implanted this need.
The classroom is a hub of technology not a day and it has both advantages and disadvantages for the students. Here are some of the advantages for using technology:

1- Refreshing atmosphere

In the old times, it was lethargic viewing the teacher all the time staring at the book or writing at the board for lectures. Also, it became very tough for the students to consider it worth attending. With the advent of technology, the classrooms have become more refreshing and relax because, the screens are in front of you.

2- Focused learning

On a lecture with books, at times, the teachers use to read line to line and at times weaver from his/her point as well but with the technology and slides in front of the teachers, the learning and lecture is always focused. The learning must be focused and with it, the adaption will increase because of technology.

3- Visualize

Whether we like or not but visualizing always serves as a positive motivation for the mind to grasp things on an easy note. A lecture where the teachers are consistently using slides and videos is more alive. Also, if students are provided with pads and smart gadgets than their learning can also be interesting.

There are disadvantages to it as well:

1- Less focus

Sometimes due to excessive use of technology, the focus is on the gadgets rather than the lecture itself. Sometimes, these serve to be a demotivator for the workers and hence they are completely losing their interest and focusing more on the gadgets. The focus then blurs into the technology and the topics is strayed.

2- Psychological disturbance

There is a huge psychological disturbance as the students are using too much technology at their place and hence it becomes a lethargic repetitive activity. The psychological disturbance can also be seen in the form of creating too much slides and visualizing can confuse them to a great deal.

3- Teacher focus

The teacher focus majorly goes to the technology as they aim at bringing an idea and refereeing back to the idea that is present on the slides. The slides are key notes for the teachers, so they refer to it more often while students get a chance to interact. Due to it, the books are going to the bins because everything is available on technology so one not prefers to take class. We should fear time when teachers will be replaced by technology.


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