In the modern history, the computer science has become one of the fastest growing fields. Between 1950 and 1960, it has also become a leading industry in the world. To run different functions of a computer, there requires a lot of software. The process that involves in the building and creating of these kinds of software is known as computer programming. The man who writes and maintains the details of these kinds of software is known as a computer programmer. If you are not able to write an essay about computer science and programming, then you can get a custom solution to your essay from the expert writers of the essay writing services
A computer can’t recognize the language of a human. For this reason, the human uses different kinds of coding languages in order to recognize their instructions to the computer. If a student wants to become a successful programmer, then he/she should try to learn different skills. In these skills, the most important skill is known as logic. Its reason is that with the help of logic skills, the students can easily break down different things in order to simplify them. In order to break and simplify these important things, the mathematical skills of a student should also be impressive.

Debugging is also an important term in the field of computer science programming. There is a possibility of occurring some errors in a programming language. The process that involves the finding and fixing of these errors is known as debugging. Most programmers spend 80% of their time on finding and fixing these errors. Therefore, if a programmer wants to become an efficient debugger, then his/her patient level should be high. Some of the errors in the codes of programming are hard to find. If you want to find out about these errors, then there requires tons of patience. In order to improve debugging skills, a student should try to solve a lot of brain treasures.

The programming language of a computer may differ from one developer to the other developer. If you want to get an idea about the quality of a particular computer programming language, then you should try to evaluate four important factors of that language. First of all, there comes robustness. The robustness of a computer programming language is relevant to the continuation capability of that language. In the second, there comes reliability of that language. In the reliability of the computer language, there comes implementation of correct design and algorithm of the language. Thirdly, there comes efficiency of the computer programming language. At last, there comes readability of the programming language. In the readability of the programming language, there comes proper documentation and indentation of the language.

In order to perform different tasks, a computer uses a set of instructions. This set of instructions is known as programming. These written instructions are called source codes. The programming language of a computer is totally different from any human language. There involve three important steps in the programming language of a computer. First of all, there comes planning for the computer programming language. In the second, there comes testing of that programming language. At last, there come debugging source code of the programming language.