How Does Peer Pressure Influence Your Decisions?

Peer pressure is the direct influence of people on their peers. One can get encouragement from the attitudes, values and behaviours of their peers. The peer pressure can impress a human in various ways like it can alter the way of wearing a dress, the activities you get involved in and the music you listen to. This pressure can act in a direct, indirect and self-motivated way. One can easily deal with pressure from online cyberbullying and by taking drugs. To write an assignment about the influence of peer pressure on decisions, you can get help from cheap essay writing services. The influence of peer pressure on the decision is explained below;

1)      Accept the facts
During the life of a person, one has to take some important decisions. Sometimes, there is a possibility that a person finds some difficulties to take a decision. Under such a situation, he takes an overview of the life of their peers and tries to take his important decisions by accepting the facts.
2)      Support the final decision
Due to peer pressure, it is also an unavoidable thing for a person to support the final decision of his boss. For example, if your boss asks you that a particular person is perfect for this job, you will have to support his decision.
3)      Make a positive difference
In order to make things better, you will have to think positively while decision making. You can also get inspiration from your peers about this fact. After getting inspiration from your peers, you just need to execute these ideas successfully. Before taking any decision, you should keep in mind the goals and try to bring a positive difference with the help of your decisions.
4)      Self-driven factors
According to research, there are seven factors which can influence the decisions of a person. We can also observe peer pressure while making these decisions. These facts are explained below;
A)     Physical appearance
How to look better?
B)     Performance
How to perform well?
C)     Possession
How to gain more?
D)     Popularity
How to make new friends or get popularity among the people?
E)      Pleasure
What are the best techniques to feel good while doing a job?
F)      Power
How to gain more power while working in an organization?
G)     Prestige
How to get respect from others?

These are also known as 7 Ps of decision-making technique. A person can get the possible answers to these questions just by observing their peers.
5)      Spirit driven factors
There are also some spirits driven factors which can affect the decision making the power of a person. These factors are explained below;
A)     Love
How to show love to others?
B)     Peace
How to remain in peace with others?
C)     Goodness
How to do good things for others?
D)     Self-control
How to keep self-control while making decisions?

These are also some essential questions and their answers can also last some impacts on us. One can easily get the best answers to these questions from their peers. In short, we can say that there is a clear influence of the peer pressure on the decision making of a person. 
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