Students Deal with Stress
College life is different from School life as well as demanding at the same time. The assignments are tougher, the competition is high, and it is expensive too. The students not only struggle to show good academic performance but also face adjustment problems. They feel difficulty in making friends. They are more conscious about what to wear and about their looks. So, on the whole the college life is different. There are books, papers, assignments and new classmates. Besides all this, if the student is a reserved nature or a shy person, then anxiety or stress gets doubled.

The scholars are of the view that stress is the result of low energy level. Your energy level should meet your tension level. If you are able to manage your tension within the energy you have then you are not stressed but, “if energy is low and tensions are higher, then that can result in a state of anxiety, depression and feeling overwhelmed”. It is true to somewhat but stress should be managed by finding a solution to the problem a student faces. For example, if student feels stressed due to load of assignments then they can find a helping hand. Online assignment writing services are there to help students in completing their assignments in best possible way. Similarly, if the student feels stressed because of shyness or lack of confidence then he/she need counseling. Finding a sincere friend can also be helpful in such cases.

Stress Management in College: Some Useful TipsTo manage stress in college life, you need to make yourself disciplined, manage your time, plan your activities, focus on important things and cover all the deficiencies in your personality that may increase your stress level. Here are some tips that will help college students remain free of anxiety.

Personal GroomingMostly students get stressed because they cannot mix up in the circle of friends. Either they are shy or not confident enough to make friends and mix up among their social circle. Student sometimes fell a prey to complexes if they have week personality or some deficiency in the personality. Not having good cloths or good looks decreases the confidence. Lack of confidence and personality complexes are a big hurdle in the students’ way to participate in extracurricular activities.

Personal grooming is a solution. You need to pay attention to your overall look, your speech and your clothes. It is not something that you cann’t do. Simply start keeping a check on yourself. What looks good on you; which hairstyle suits you? What colors and cuts you can adopt that suit your personality. Improving personality and personal grooming will make you confident and ultimately help you solve most of your problems in college that cause stress.

Time ManagementBooks, papers, assignments, exams, social life and part time job all is what creating anxiety and feeling of burden on you but you know what? There are 24 hours in a day and you can manage everything. You cannot complete your academic assignment if you sit for hours in front of your notebook trying to do it half heartedly. What happens is when you feel the work is tough and boring you try to keep it pending and indulge in chat or net surfing which definitely deteriorates your focus. If you are feeling it difficult to complete your assignment at your own, simply get help.

There should be balance in your life. You don’t need to be a book worm. Keep out of this and spare your weekends for social gathering. Spend time with family. Go to gym as well as get appointment for a spa or saloon so that you are relaxed and fully contented to work on your exams and assignments.

Sleep WellSleepless nights have bad impact on mind and body. Our body needs proper rest and sleep in order to be healthy. So, avoid late night parties and spend less time on watching TV or on social media such as facebook or twitter. If you sleep well, you will be able to manage your day to day tasks easily. After proper sleep, you are ready to start your day with full energy and focus properly on your academic tasks.

Monitor Your Diet“A healthy body has a healthy mind” so, it is quiet necessary for the young boys and girls to take proper diet that is full of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Proper diet is also necessary because a poor diet that consists of junk food will have bad impact on overall health. A balanced diet must consist of meat, eggs, fruits, veggies and nuts in reasonable quantities. Sometimes students consume alcohol, cigarette or marijuana during anxiety or tension. But these are harmful for health. All these are unhealthy habits and a way of escaping from problem, not a solution. So, students should try to manage their stress without developing unhealthy habits.

Social ActivitiesFriends and social circle help students relax their mind because when you meet people of your own age. Sharing your experiences and problems with each other brings many solutions and techniques. Social activity will make your life balanced as well because you get some free and fun moments that will help vanish the boredom and stress of exam preparation and assignment writing.

Focus On Your StudiesAbove all, as a student academic performance is very important and necessary for your future. So, don’t ignore your studies. Put proper time, effort and attention toward your studies. Think about what makes you stressed, which subject you feel tough and how to cover the missing lectures. In this regard, coaching classes, discussion with class mates and help from tutor may be useful.

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