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How Do College Students Deal with Stress

College life is different from School life as well as demanding at the same time. The assignments are tougher, the competition is high, and it is expensive too. The students not only struggle to show good academic performance but also face adjustment problems. They feel difficulty in making friends. They are more conscious about what to wear and about their looks. So, on the whole the college life is different. There are books, papers, assignments and new classmates. Besides all this, if the student is a reserved nature or a shy person, then anxiety or stress gets doubled.

The scholars are of the view that stress is the result of low energy level. Your energy level should meet your tension level. If you are able to manage your tension within the energy you have then you are not stressed but, “if energy is low and tensions are higher, then that can result in a state of anxiety, depression and feeling overwhelmed”. It is true to somewhat but stress should be managed by finding a solutio…